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Sahara BBQ Rotisserie

Sahara BBQ Rotisserie

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Revolutionise your barbecue cooking with our fully automatic Rotisserie. The Rotisserie opens-up a whole new world of barbecue cooking. A must-have accessory for any BBQ enthusiast! Whole ducks, chickens, turkeys, prime rib and large, round, cylindrical foods, like turkey breasts, boneless leg of lamb, pork or beef roasts are well suited to rotisserie cooking. The Rotisserie is easy to assemble and Battery operated (2 x D size batteries not included).

Fits Sahara X350, X450 and X475

Product Information

Made from Stainless Steel and Plastic
Hand wash stainless steel elements

Size Guide

Width - 10cm
Length - 46cm
Depth - 14.5cm
Weight - 1.9kg
Suitable for Sahara X350, X450 and X475

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