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Kamado Grill 13" Charcoal BBQ

Kamado Grill 13" Charcoal BBQ

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The Kamado grill is something that revolutionises barbequing, grilling, smoking, slow cooking and more. Kamado is a word with Japanese roots, which means to cook using a ceramic or clay oven. It was always used with natural fuels such as wood or coal. However, the more modern Kamados are used with charcoal, because it allows for the best flavour. With its ceramic interior, it locks heat in and prevents too much air circulation, which leaves the meat juicy, tender, and at it’s maximum flavour potential. Also, due to this heat-locking ceramic interior, fuel lasts even longer since the energy isn’t released. So, its even better for the environment!

Product Information

Extremely versatile – you can slow cook, bake, smoke, grill, and more using the Kamado.
Retains heat from the fuel very well, so there is less fuel needed altogether – more eco friendly too!
The thick ceramic walls lets the heat radiate evenly and steadily, which is perfect for getting the best melt-in-your-mouth brisket or pulled pork.
The grill is designed to have low air circulation, which means that whatever you’re cooking inside retains more moisture than a normal grill/BBQ.
The smooth, egg shape and the removable grill makes cleaning quick and simple.
For fuel, you can use a few lumps of charcoal with wood chips mixed in to get the best smoky flavour. You could also mix it up and add in some flavoured wood chips to add an extra flavour dimension!
Rust resistant stainless steel exterior, as well as a crack resistant ceramic interior.

Ceramic shells
Fire ring
Stainless steel cooking grill
Cast iron adjustable top damper
Grill cover

Size Guide

Diameter - 32cm
Cooking Surface Diameter - 27.2cm
Height - 34.5cm
Weight - 21kg

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