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Char-Broil Grill + Topper Accessory

Char-Broil Grill + Topper Accessory

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The GRILL+® Accessory System™ expands your grilling options with accessories that work together to infuse your menu with versatility.
The GRILL+® Grill Pan is made of 100% stainless steel to ensure the optimal cooking experience, making it perfect for your oven or grill. Grill seafood, vegetables and more – all without the mess. The small slits in the grill pan let the heat in but prevent food from falling through. Use the grill pan together with the Grill+ Roasting Dish for a variety of applications by adding water or smoker chips to steam or smoke your dishes. Thanks to the GRILL+® Accessory System™, you can use your GRILL+® accessories on their own or in an infinite number of combinations.

Product Information

Ideal for small items (seafood, vegetables): small slots prevent food from falling through. (Note: this is the top part only and does not include the tray
Simply add water, wood chips or vegetables to Roasting Dish for steam, smoke or flavour
Made with Stainless Steel

Size Guide

Width - 42.5cm
Length - 22cm
Height - 5cm
Weight - 0.67kg

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